The Belvedere Castle in Central Park

The Central Park in New York City is a leading tourist attraction park that accommodates people from diverse backgrounds. The park allows visitors to experience New York City in a unique way. The park acts as perfect destination for sightseeing, bird watching and family entertainment programs.

Central Park is also a perfect location for meditating after a busy day in the workplace. This park is also endowed with great landmark features such as the Belvedere Castle, Strawberry Fields, Bethesda Terrace and the Delacorte Theater. The Belvedere Castle is one of the top tourist attraction sites in this park. The main visitors here are nature students and environmentalists looking for collections of natural artifacts.

Belvedere Castle Beresford Castle and Delacorte Theater

The Belvedere Castle is an amazing landmark for the tourists visiting Central Park. This ancient architectural structure stands atop of the Vista Rock and is regarded as one of the familiar manmade structures in this park. The Belvedere Castle has exhibit rooms that contain a vast collection of natural history artifacts. The Henry Luce Nature Observatory allows viewers to watch the best scenic views that Central park has to offer that include the picturesque Turtle pond, the natural elevation of the Great Lawn and beautiful birds. This is easily done by using binoculars that are usually provided by the management. The common bird species Central Park include the hawk and the kestrel. The Belvedere Castle is commonly referred to as the one and only observation tower atop the Vista Rock that overlooks the Great Lawn. This is stemmed from description by the early settlers. 

Belvedere Castle in Central park

The Belvedere Castle is also the center for the official Central Park weather station. Although the initial structure was designed to be a Victorian Folly, a fantasy structure that was thought to have the ability to provide a great backdrop and views, but without a real intended purpose, the modern structure is a perfect center for the weathermen. The National weather Service began taking measurements from the castle’s tower in 1919. The beautiful tower contain an anemometer and a wind vane that record the official wind speed and direction for Central Park and other surroundings in Manhattan. Being one of the highest points in the park, weather forecasters see this as a perfect place to observe and predict the weather condition of the places in and around the park. 

Belvedere Castle

Built using strong stone facade, this grand tower with a flag is not merely a stunning attraction site. It is one of the New Yorkers’ identities. It is very rare to find an inhabitant of New York who has not toured this amazing feature in Central Park. The two balconies constructed on the tower provide a perfect place to watch the beautiful sceneries surrounding the castle. You can watch the Delacorte Open-air Theater from this castle and enroll for the free family and community programs arranged by the management. The Central Park Conservancy is mandated to manage and maintain the park and the facilities found here. Their dedication to providing quality services has made the park and the Belvedere Castle a good background for taking memorable family photos. This tower also forms a perfect destination for film shooting.

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