The Frick Museum in NYC

The Frick museum is home to unique, western masterpiece paintings, sculptures and beautiful pieces of art. It is amazing to see how the ancient and modern collections inspire lovers of art today. This place is simply out of this world and it brings memories of a world almost forgotten to the human kind back to live in such a magical way it is impossibly unimaginable.

The Frick museum dates back to the 18th century from the works of Mr. Henry Clay Frick a great businessman and collector of pieces of art. There are a total of fourteen galleries with unique beautiful collections of art within the museum all arranged in no particular manner. The pieces of art are a representation of different nationalities and different periods spelling nothing but magic and glamour.

The mansion as well as the works within the mansion is a true representation of the greatest Americas collectors of art. The mansion features the designs of Carrere and Hastings, in its structure as constructed in 1913-14. The collection has not killed its expansion both physically and in its holdings even after the death of its founder Mr. Frick. The building has since been enlarged to offer improved service to the public and in terms of collection, roughly a third of the pictures have been acquired since the death of Mr. Frick.

Frick Museum NYC

The Frick Museum boasts of hosting historians on a research adventure, scientists in search for knowledge to quench their curiosity, couples in need of finding something interesting and unique to kill time and families wishing to just go out to bond and spend some quality time together. This museum is just the place to be if you are looking into escaping the busy streets of New York.

At the Frick museum you get a chance to experience the austere environment of the light-hearted Fragonard Room, as you come face to face with its French furniture dating back to the eighteenth century. The cool atmosphere of the living Hall welcomes you with its beautiful collection of Holbein’s, El Greco’s, Titian’s and Bellini’s masterpieces. The library is a sight to behold filled with Chinese porcelain vases and the rich Italian bronzes. You are then ushered into the long West Gallery of Mr. Frick’s collection hang with celebrated canvases that include landscapes by Ruisdael, Constable as well as Corot; not withstanding portraits by the famous Rembrandt and Velazquez. Among the three paintings by that artist is the last painting bought by Mr. Frick-Vermeer’s Mistress and maid. Still in this room stands one of the few paintings by piero della Francesca in America. This painting is that of St. John the evangelist. The East Gallery is mystified by the works of Goya, Chardin, Van Dyck, Greuze to name but a few. The East gallery leads you into the serenity of the garden court, where you can pause beneath the skylight, with its beautiful greenery surroundings as you listen and get lost into the soft sounds of the fountain.

Our guided tours pass by the Frick Museum situated along the Museum Mile - the fancy section of 5th avenue famous for the numerous world famous museums situated around. Our tour guides will show you all the glamorous buildings and give you precious advices where to go and how to organize your visits there. proudly delivers personalized services to the satisfaction of all the needs of all the sightseeing tourists making the whole event memorable and unforgettable.

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