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Bike Tours Central Park is a tour operator offering guided pedicab and bike tours in Central park and Manhattan, New York City. Our trips are customizable and we offer several tour options. The starting point is at 58 St and Broadway. We strive to deliver a personalized service that will satisfy all the sightseeing tourists’ needs and make your Central park tours an unforgettable event that you will always remember.

New York City’s Central park is a remarkable piece of land situated in the heart of Manhattan which contrasts with the urban atmosphere and at the same time represents New York’s diversity and dynamics. It is a tremendous place where various cultures meet and interact with each other, a place where New Yorkers feel the nature’s harmony and energy. Lots of activities happen here and you will be surprised to find out how different they are. We will provide the help of our experienced tour guides in order to discover every interesting spot Central park has to offer.

Bike tours in Central park and Manhattan

Best Sellers

Central Park Bike Tour

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Our Central park bike tour covers all the highlights and beautiful spots. Central Park Bike Tour

Private VIP Bike Tour

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • If you prefer to have privacy, we will organize a special guided tour that will suit your requirements.

De Luxe Bike Tour

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Our De Luxe bike tour offers the ultimate sightseeing experience in Central park. De Luxe Bike Tour

Pedicab Tour Big Loop

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • This pedicab tour covers the whole Central Park territory. Apart from the highlights that can be seen.


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About the Central Park Tours

Bike tours in Central park and Manhattan

We are trying to deliver the ultimate New York experience for our customers and show them the beauties hidden inside. Our interaction with people from all the continents helps us in creating the best sightseeing services. Central Park Bikes will make sure the tours will exceed your expectation and leave wonderful memories that you will always get back to.

Having a schedule is the best way to discover all the highlights in New York. We know that the city cannot be explored in a couple of days and that’s why reserving your Central park tour online will suit your schedule perfectly. Every second that you spend in New York is precious and you must live it to the fullest. Our website is going to guide and assist you in picking up the most suitable option. Take a look!

Our main tour guide, Tony, will meet you at 58th Street and Broadway, Manhattan, zip code 10019, in front of Argo Tea Cafe. This is just a block away from Central park and is overlooking Columbus Circle.

Tony has been working for Central Park Bikes since 2009 delivering the best guided tours according to our review records. His tours are informative, funny and allow plenty of time for exploring and taking pictures of the main highlights.

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Tour Packages

Central park tours and Manhattan

In addition to our Central park tours and Manhattan bike tours we can organize a unique picnic for you, your family or special event. All that comes as a package deal which means you can take advantage of the discounted tours. Our Central park picnic tours cover events like bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners and out of town guests. We can also provide you with yoga tour picnics, romantic picnics, corporate and wedding packages.

Central Park Bikes & Central Park Wed

Central Park Bikes can offer a customized tour package for couples coming to New York to get married in Central park. Central Park Wed is a specialized company which provides wedding planning services for couples who want to marry in Central Park. We have teamed up to offer wedding parties and bike or pedicab tours as part of their special day.

Frequently asked questions by our customers

QAre the bicycles, helmets, locks and baskets included in the price shown for the tours.
Yes, the bikes are included. If you need a helmet, basket or a lock please let us know in advance so we can have it ready for you. Please note that children of age 14 or less are obliged to wear helmets by the Central park rules and regulations.
QWe are a big group and we are interested in the rickshaw tour. However, some of us would like to ride bicycles. Can we stay together during the tour?
QOne member of our group cannot ride a bicycle. What should we do?
QWe've got kids in our group. Do you have smaller bikes?
QHow many people can a single pedicab fit?
QWe do not have a US phone number. How can we confirm the reservation?


We've already toured Lower Manhattan on another bike tour and wanted to cover ground in Central Park. August is obviously warm so would take a long time to walk round it... and we walk a lot in the city anyway.. plus we love bike tours. No need for helmets by law unless under 14 though we


I surprised my husband (who loves to bike) with a private bike tour of central park for his birthday and we had an amazing time! Tony gave us a truly wonderful tour. Communication by email and text leading up to the day was seamless. 

I am not a great biker, doing a tour with


My sister and I did a 2 hour private bike tour a few weeks ago. After 12 days in New York my sister and I are still saying this with the number one thing we did. 
Central Park is just gorgeous, there is so much to see and do there. Pearl our


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Enjoy the beauty of the north end of Central park called the North Woods:

Enjoy the commentary of our tour guide:


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