5 Reasons why you should visit the Delacorte Theater in Central Park, New York City

New York City is endowed with great entertainment facilities that play a major role in maintaining the high number of tourists who come here for the sole purpose of entertainment.

Delacorte Theater in Central Park is a perfect example of a focal point where people with diverse cultural backgrounds meet for educational and entertainment purposes in the city of New York. The top reasons why you should visit this open-air theater include,

1. Experience New York’s cultural diversity:

The Delacorte Theater hosts more than 100,000 people every season. These people come from different parts of the globe where the cultural practices are dissimilar. Visiting the theater will give you an opportunity to make new friends, learn a thing or two about the way of living of your new friends, share memorable light moments and get free live entertainment from the performing artists on the stage.

2. Free entrance:

The Delacorte Theater offers free tickets to the open-air entertainment center. You will be required to queue in line as you wait to be admitted. This has always been the tradition of the New Yorkers since the 60s. The waiting line gives you an opportunity to enjoy fresh air from the natural world surrounding the amphitheater. The Central Park is well endowed with amazing tree species that breathe out fresh air to the tourists around. The pond adjacent to the theater also offers a scenic view for sightseeing and taking some memorable photos. 

Delacorte Theater

3. Entertainment at its best:

It is said that entertainment is not merely about getting amused. It is about creating an identity. A great entertainer gives you an impression that you would always like to be associated with. At the Delacorte Theater you will enjoy some classical works by Shakespeare and great performances like Electra and the Twelfth Night. Here you will also meet great aspiring and established actors who are keen on making an indelible mark in the entertainment industry. This public theater is hailed for hosting high profile names like Denzel Washington, Natalie Portman, Al Pacino, Anne Hathaway, Kevin Kline, Meryl Streep, Morgan Freeman and Martin Sheen.

4. Experience New York away from the busy streets:

The Delacorte Theater provides a perfect opportunity to get a glimpse of what New York City has to offer away from the busy and noisy streets of the central business district. You can enroll for the cycling tours that are common in and around Central Park as you wait for the next play. This will give you a perfect sightseeing opportunity as you cycle along scenic paths with a tour guide. Tour the heart of Manhattan and witness nature at its best with wonderful tree and bird species surrounding you. The experienced tour guides offering exclusive tour packages will be at your service as you move along the paths with your family. 

Delacorte Theater in Central park

5. Pristine environment:

The Delacorte Theater is situated at the heart of Manhattan within Central Park which is one of the well taken care of public utilities in New York City. The Central Park conservancy manages and maintains the park to make you enjoy your stay. The environment in and around the theater is perfectly clean and is designed to make you feel at home as you tour the rest of New York City. 

The remarkable horse-shoe shaped theater has always been an amazing tourist destination for taking your family out for sightseeing and entertainment purposes. You can always depend on the management of the theater to offer quality services to their esteemed customers as you enjoy your life to the fullest by having some memorable moments with your loved ones.

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