Top 5 Central Park Attractions – part 2 – bikers only!

Imagine a place where you can run away from all the loudness of the city, but just a few blocks away. Mature wooded area waiting for it to be explored, photographed and captured in the heart. Does a place like that exist? You can enjoy a guided bike tour which will lead you to Central Park’s most important monuments?

Belvedere Castle

You don’t want to miss this experience during your guided bike tour. One of the most magical monuments in Central park is the Belvedere Castle. Sculptural hybrid of romanesque and gothic styles. If you want to get a great panoramic view you have to get up high in the tower. From up there you can see all the beautiful parts of the park.

Delacorte Theater

The guided bike tour will pass thru the Delacorte Theater. The open-air theater welcomes hundreds of visitors each day, some of which have the luck to observe theatric plays. Named after the man who gave the foundlings for it – George T. Delacorte Jr. the theater is home for all free Shakespeare in the Park productions.

Bethesda Fountain

Based at the top of Bethesda Terrace and known as one of the popular meeting places in Central park the Bethesda Fountain welcomes thousands of people each day. Designed by E. Stebbins almost 130 years ago the Angel of Waters is watching over all visitors. Spreading its magic in many movie scenes in hundreds productions.

Loeb Boathouse

The guided bike tour will escort you to the restaurant with more than 150 years of history. A restaurant evolved as a landmark to all its visitors. Natural heaven on earth where you can rent a boat or just have a cup of coffee. The lakeside restaurant is a great romantic place to have lunch with the people you love.

Central Park Reservoir

Originally named Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, once used to distribute water to New York City, now water supply for the Pool and the Harlem Meer. Here you can find another great place to make a beautiful panoramic or landscape photograph of the park. You can enjoy the silence and have peaceful moments.

Taking a guided bike tour is the ultimate way for you to enjoy all of the beauty and hidden places in the park. A different and ecological way to explore it and take beautiful pictures.

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