Top 5 Central Park Attractions – Bikers Only! – part 1

Do you know which sights are easy to miss at Central Park? Have you ever heard about Central Park bike tours? If you don’t want to miss a thing, take a look at the professional and guided bike tour services, you will not regret it!

New York’s Central Park based on almost 850 acres of beautiful and vivid land, receives over 30 million of visitors each year. It’s the most visited park in the United States. Many photographers quote Central Park as a “pictorial, living and bright” land. With its spectacular landscape views and many urban attractions Central Park will make you feel at the top of the world. Guided bike tours will show you all important aspects and tell you history of every sight.

Central Park contains several lakes and pounds, many extensive walking tracks, two ice-skating rings. To all of that beauty add the Central park Zoo, the Conservatory garden, many kids playgrounds and the famous Central Park Carousel.

The Central Park Zoo

The picturesque Manhattan skyline surrounds the Central park Zoo exhibits and you can relax in the company of penguins and polar bears. Here you can see big cats, polar bears and penguins. The Zoo is a shelter for over 150 different species from all over the world.

The Great Lawn

With a guided bike tour you can admire the beauty of The Great Lawn based in the heart of Central Park. With its 55-acres it is the most famous green field in the world. You can see it in many movies and TV series. Its borders are set from 79th to 85th Streets. Nice place to plan a romantic proposal to your loved one, or have a picnic just a few blocks from the loud city streets.

Strawberry Fields

This section of central Park is named after a Beatles song – “Strawberry Fields Forever”. Planned and build as a memorial to the great peace activist and songwriter – John Lennon. The memorial was officially dedicated on John Lennon 45 anniversary. The zone is also known as The Garden of Peace. You can learn even more with a guided bike tour.

Sheep Meadow

Historically the main purpose of Sheep Meadow was to be a parade ground for different military drills and competitions. Nowadays every 4th of July New York visitors can observe spectacular fireworks.

The Carousel

Crafted by S. Stein and H. Goldstein. All 57 horses of the Carousel are hand crafted and have captured their sculptors’ heart and soul. It was powered by a horse and a mule. Both animals walked in a hidden ground below the attraction.

There are no powerful words to describe how superb the park is, so just take a guided bike tour and find out all the beautiful places with a competent and educated guide.

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