Rumsey Playfield - enjoy the free Central park concerts

The Rumsey Playfield is a venue for concerts and theaters in Central park, New York City. Also called the Summer Stage, the Rumsey Playfield had hosted plenty of famous celebrity concerts and shows. It is located at the east side of Central park, next to 5th avenue and 71st street.

Most of the performers may not be world famous but during the Good Morning America show you can see your favorite celebrities. The Rumsey playfield is hosting the Good Morning America show every Friday morning. This is probably the best time to line up for a free concert in Central park. Most of the events organized at the Summer Stage are free, others require a small fee, but all of them are definitely worth it.

Rumsey Playfield

The Summer Stage is set up during April and the concerts run till October so if you are in Central park during winter time you won't be able to enjoy the famous free Central park concerts. We strongly advise you to check out the Good Morning America concerts that take place every Friday morning during the summer. They start early in the morning but it is a life time experience.
The venue can hold up to 1200 people but you can enjoy the sound even if you are not close to the stage - get a blanket, some food and beverages and you are all set for some nice time in Central park. If you want to get a good spot though you have to be there at least one hour in advance. The lines are huge, especially if somebody famous is performing.

Summer Stage Central park

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