Mayor Bill de Blasio is about to kill a 150-year-old New York tradition

We cannot stay out of this and not comment what is happening to the Central park tour industry. Now when Michael Bloomberg is gone and replaced by the new mayor Bill de Blasio a lot of changes are about to happen.

Surprisingly one of these changes hits the Central park sightseeing industry and most importantly the tourists that want to create romantic memories of New York's Central park.
Bill de Blasio stated in an interview "Let's get it right. We are going to get rid of the horse drawn carriages. Period.". Here is the video:

It may be weird that this post comes from us. After all we are in competition because we work in the same industry. But this is just not right and we want to show support to the horse carriage business, the drivers and their families. You cannot go before the people of New York and without any discussion to state that you distinguish a long term New York tradition.
Hundreds of people have jobs because of these horses and thousands of people who come to New York enjoy the rides through Central park. Tourists love this attraction and without the horse drawn carriage tours Central park would never be the same. These horses are some of the most regulated and well cared for horses on the planet. They are constantly in the public, they have lots of licenses and inspections that most of the horses out in the country and in the other cities don't get.
The horse and carriage drivers are concerned that this campaign is being lead by the real estate developers who had an eye on the stables situated at the West End of Manhattan. Exactly these businessmen that contributed to Bill de Blasio election. supports the horse and carriage industry! We believe tourists should decide their way of touring Central park and we care about the New York's traditions!

Bill de Blasio bans the horse drawn carriages

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