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Taking a guided bike or pedicab tour in Central Park has become the most popular way to see the numerous highlights that are situated there. Central Park is a really big place abundant with monuments, entertainment facilities, architectural landmarks, and scenic landscapes, which makes it nearly impossible to fully explore it on one’s own.

It can be said that the park mirrors New York City’s multiplicity and is the center of its recreational activities just as Wall Street is its financial center. When you find yourself in an ocean of opportunities, relying on experienced tour guides is the best decision you can make.

The real value of the guided Central Park Tours is the information and the special attention that you will receive. And when we say information we do not mean an overwhelming waterfall of numbers, dates, and strange names. We have created our tour as an immersive, interactive experience in which facts are presented in the most pleasant way possible. You will not find yourself at a university lecture but rather on a delightful journey during which you will learn a lot about Central Park, feel its unique atmosphere and hear interesting rumors and personal stories that you cannot read on the Internet. Furthermore, our professional guides will give you information about things you may be specifically curious about – architecture, famous movie-making locations, history, stories about the celebrities who live next to Central Park, you name it. In addition, our tours can be modified should you have any individual requests; it is all part of our devotion to our customers and our desire to make you feel special.

Given the fact that Central Park is influenced by so many distinct cultures it is very likely that you will find a piece of your own national history in it. Over the years our tour guides have met with people from almost every country in the world and know how to accentuate on things that may be strikingly familiar to you.

Central park

We believe that photos are the best souvenirs that last long after the vacation itself has passed and we guarantee that you will have the opportunity to take amazing photos on our tours. We will show you the best places for taking pictures throughout Central Park so your family and friends will have the chance to see you alongside some of the world’s most famous movie spots and impressive landscapes. Since it is our wish to keep memories of our clients just as they keep memories of their visit to New York City, we added a gallery section to our website where we upload the photos that you send to us.

All our bike and pedicab tours come at great prices and are designed to suit your needs regardless of your time constraints. Whether you are in New York for just a few hours and want to take a quick look around or you are having a longer planned vacation, we can offer you a quality service that will fit your schedule perfectly.


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