7 Tips on Riding a Tandem Bike in Central Park

Touring Central Park in New York City on a bike lets you drink in the unrivalled beauty of the park and enjoy nature. But what if there was something that could make the tour even more exhilarating? Tandems are one of those innovations which let us double the enjoyment of a bike ride.

A tandem ride isn’t just an adventurous biking experience; it is a trust based exercise between the Captain or the Pilot(the person who sits in front) and the Stoker (the rider in the rear); and many a times helps in enhancing mutual understanding between the two. However, easy as it may seem, riding tandem bikes is a skill which needs some practice to go off smoothly.

Here are few tips to keep in mind while tandem riding in Central Park.

Tip 1 – Keep the tandem in an upright position at all times

Maintaining a balance with two people on is a difficult task and does require effort by both the captain and the stoker. If the captain tends to tilt the tandem, the stoker is expected to give out a verbal warning to prevent the tandem from leaning past the critical angle.

Tip 2 – No heroic feats

Letting go of the handlebars can lead to disturbance in the balance of a tandem and an inadvertent fall of the stoker and captain. The captain steering the tandem is expected to be responsible and reliable and should not indulge in any such activity.

Tip 3 – The captain must act in accordance with the stoker

Since the stoker generally generates more power than the captain, and that they are both functioning as a team, the captain must comply with the stoker when told to slow down or speed up.

Riding tandem bike in Central park

Tip 4 – Stop the tandem carefully

The captain should gently stop the tandem; assume an upright position by placing both his feet firmly on the ground. If the captain fails to manoeuvre the tandem smoothly, the stoker may fall off with a jerk leading to serious injuries.

Tip 5 – Use appropriate gears

The captain should know where which gears are to be used and how to shift into prospective gears without causing jolts or chain jams. On beginning an ascent uphill, the captain should swiftly glide to the higher gears and whilst a descent or at an intersection, he should shift to a lower gear.

Tip 6 – Ride in designated places

Bicycles should only be ridden in places designated for bike riding. Do not use the pathways as they are meant for pedestrians. All bikers are expected to move in an anti-clockwise direction. Take care to yield the way for pedestrians.

Tip 7 – Rules on riding a tandem bike in Central park

If you are bringing your own bike, then make sure it’s in good condition. White headlights and red tail lights are to be used from dusk to dawn. Working brakes should be present and reflective tires and other devices are required. Helmets are compulsory for children below 14 years of age.
A tandem experience is one that lasts a lifetime. However, sticking to the rules and regulations on riding a tandem bike in Central park New York City can make tandem rides a blend of fun and enthusiasm, joy and love, thrill and adventure.

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