1 Central Park West - Trump International Hotel and Tower

When you book a hotel, you mostly get a room, a bed and standard meals, yet it is a 5 star. However, it is all different at Trump International Hotel and Tower. They give you the entire City instead. To be exact, it is located in Central Park, Midtown West Side, 5th Avenue.

Most travelers have heard that this hotel offers guests a lifetime's supply of shopping as well as nightlife-you can go as far as your limit will take you!

The 52-story building was designed by world's renowned architects to give an experience like no other. It's the only 5 star building in New York City with 5 star hotels inside. Guests are treated to an out-of-the-world experience, richly endowed with taste, luxury and social amenities quite rare in many places.

If you have never landed an opportunity to be here, you are not so lucky. We take you into each one of the spacious and elegant 176 hotel rooms fully packed with out-of-home experience. These rooms are equipped with all the facilities you would love to use, plus the floor-to-ceiling window lengths offer guests an excellent panoramic view of the better parts of Central Park and NYC.

It is one of a classy hotels in human history. In fact, the 30 million dollars renovation that was done in 2010 saw this building transform into magical ways. As we speak, the building offers modern seating facilities with rich wood finishes, burnished gold leaf/bronze mirrors, hand-crafted chandeliers made from Schonbek crystals, and so much more.

Trump International Hotel and Tower

The world class chefs working here have something to spoil every appetite. The building offers one of the finest dining experiences in New York City. And when you decide to have dinner here, you will seat on luxurious white leather seats, so soft and fine. You will put your food on pristine tables to match the taste of a chef's experience. This is for guests who love doing things the formal way.

There is always an option to dine and wine the casual way though. We take you to Nougatine restaurant, overlooking central park. Here, diners will even spot the famous Jean-Georges preparing their dinner in style. It's so intimate that you wouldn't want to leave once you are inside.

If you love going private, the chefs will prepare your meals and present them to your room course by course. This is an experience found at Trump International Hotel and Tower. There is so many things you can do here-the sky can never be the limit to the comfort found here. It is something we recommend to every traveler.

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