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Enjoy the beauty of the north end of Central park called the North Woods:






They call this area North Woods. Olmsted designed it. It's a small replica of Adirondack mountain upstate New York. You see the chipmunk? Yes, we've got chipmunks, racoons, Virginia opossums and more than 200 different kind of birds. The best bird-watching area in New York is North Woods. We are still in the middle of Manhattan. You cannot say that over here. The call this river 'Loch river' after Loch Ness and those are openings for the bird-watchers over the river. You can stop on those and take pictures of the birds. This water comes from the Reservoir of Jackie Onassis. So we've created the whole place. Only this rock here is the natural stuff. In 2016 they did a full renovation of this place and now it's a beautiful area at the end of Central park for hiking. Not too many people know about it so from the statistics of Central park this is the least visited place - North Woods. The most visited is out first stop - Bethesda fountain, that's where we were. Oh, it's very peaceful. Yes, and you see we've got the openings over there. Those are all new. You also don't see the buildings. Here everything is green. Nice and quiet, no noise. Where does it run to after it comes from the Reservoir? The water in the Reservoir? Yeah, where does it go to. Oh, this one it comes from one lake to another lake at the end of the park. And the water in the lakes also comes from the Reservoir. The water in the Reservoir comes from a river over Bronx - Croton River. That was the first aqueduct system they build and it was a Roman style aqueduct crossing Bronx and crossing the first bridge in New York on 175 Street nowadays - High Bridge. It's a historical landmark bridge. You can walk on it and see the history of the first aqueduct. It was 1840s when they built it. We are going to walk that way. We'll go see the lake where the river starts. We take this walk on the private tours because on the group tours when we have, like 15 people, we cannot go here. There was a rare duck last year. They've spotted it in the south end of the park - Mandarin Duck, very rare to see in this area. Excuse us, can we pass? So you see on the map where we are. The small lake down there, that's where we are going now. We are going to see it now across this tunnel. You see the turtles on the rock?  Yeah, chilling. There is always turtles sunning here.

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