Electric bike in Central park guided tours and rentals

Central Park in New York is a great getaway from the daily hustle bustle of city life. Situated in the city itself, it’s an ideal weekend destination for city dwellers as well as a sightseeing spot for tourists. Cycling is the most convenient and eco-friendly mode to tour the Central Park. However, it can become quite strenuous as the Park is spread over a wide area. The electric bike is the best option for a guided bike tour in Central Park, New York City.


What is electric Bike?


An electric bike looks more or less like an ordinary bicycle. It is also known as a booster or a power bike. Having an attached electric motor that provides power, it requires less effort or no effort at all to ride. It is easier to negotiate up hills and long distances with an e-bike. People who otherwise hesitate to cycle due to the effort required for pedaling often opt for the electric bike to get active and enjoy the quiet relaxation that cycling provides.  Electric bikes are of two kinds - pedal assist and electric only.

Electric Bike Central Park


How to ride an electric bicycle?


One rides an electric bike essentially the same way as an ordinary bicycle. The only difference is that an e-bike offers added power. The pedal-assist senses the amount of power you are using for pedaling with the help of a sensor. The attached motor then provides electric power accordingly. In simpler words, the motor helps you according to the effort you are putting in while cycling. The pedal assist electric bike is fitted with a crank motor which is gravity friendly with no drag as its placed low.  It therefore gives the feel of real cycling. The crank motor is also known as the mid-drive motor.


The electric-only bikes are fitted with wheel hub motors. In this type of electric bike the cyclist chooses when he needs power for cycling. While riding, one may engage the motor according to individual preference and adjust the amount of power required.


Electric bikes come in many styles with differing levels of sophistication. One can switch off the power totally if one wishes for an authentic cycling experience. Or switch it on when one begins to tire. All types of electric bikes have power adjustment as per the rider’s need.

Electric Bicycle Central Park


What is the difference between electric bicycle and regular bicycle?


Electric bicycles and regular bicycles have the same mechanical system with the only difference being that electric cycles also have electrical elements. The ease of riding an e-bicycle is the main difference between the two.


A lot of people enjoy cycling but not everybody has the stamina to go for long rides. Unlike the regular bicycle, the electric bicycle gives the freedom of cycling without any fear of tiring out or putting any strain on your knees. The best part about electric bicycles is that you can go along at a steady speed regardless of whether you pedal hard or simply sit back. Additionally, if you use an electric bicycle for commuting then you don’t need to worry about reaching your destination tired and full of sweat.


But electric bikes have their limits and though one can go at a brisk pace, it is definitely not the same as a motorcycle. Therefore an electric bike ride offers an almost same experience as a regular bicycle with the only benefit being that it requires less effort to ride.

Central Park Electric Bicycle


Can I rent electric bikes in Central park?

Spread over a vast area the Central Park attracts a large number of trekkers, cyclists and others who wish to spend some time surrounded by natural beauty. Cycling or walking offers a great opportunity to enjoy the peaceful surroundings and visit the major attractions of the Park. Some choose to rent a pedicab so that they may cover more area or if they are unable to cycle due to health conditions. However, if you truly want to experience the beauty of the place without getting exhausted by the end of the day, you can always rent electric bikes in Central Park.

Electric Bikes Central Park Tour


Central Park tour with Electric Bicycle


The Central Park offers a number of sightseeing attractions and covering all the spots while walking or cycling becomes very tiring. In fact, it is really not possible to see and enjoy all the interesting spots within the Park in one day. Some people do choose a walking trip and simply have a picnic. Others take a regular cycling tour to visit as many sites as possible. However, an electric bicycle is the best way to explore Central Park for those who are not very active. A Central Park tour with electric bicycle offers the best of both, the authentic experience of cycling and the possibility of covering a lot more area than regular bicycle. This is especially true for those who don’t cycle often. It is also ideal for those who have health conditions that do not permit long rides or for those who have knee problems.

Central Park Electric Bike


Cycling through the huge area turns out to be exhausting and takes away all the fun of touring the place. Not to mention that one is not able to see much of the Park. Though one cannot tour the whole Park in one go, electric bikes make pedaling much easier and allow you to cover more area. As e-bikes are less demanding physically and offer more speed, sightseers enjoy more views and take in the feel and history of the place. A guided e-bike tour in Central Park, New York City is a great way to explore the place in which you get to see the major points of interest as well the story behind every attraction. As an electric bike is faster and less demanding than regular cycling, visitors also get to take lunch stops among the natural beauty that the Park is famous for.


In all, a guided electric bike tour in Central Park offers a comfortable and rejuvenating trip among the lush beauty of the Park

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