Q: How can we find out which tour is more suitable for us? Should we take the bike tour or the pedicab tour?

A: Bike tours and pedicab tours are essentially different. The regular bikes give you more flexibility and better opportunities to explore the park since you are able to enter alleys that are otherwise prohibited for pedicabs. Also, you do not have to account for the park regulations regarding pedicab parking. However, if you feel that your visit to Central Park should be an effortless experience, the pedicab tour is more suitable for you. Just make yourself comfortable and our tour guide will do the rest.

Q: Why doesn’t your website offer bike rentals?

A: Central Park Bikes is a company specialized in guided tours. Our tour routes have been designed to be optimal in terms of duration, highlights and presented information. You will see for yourself that there are stories associated with every place you visit that are no less interesting than the place itself.

Q: Your company’s name is Central Park Bikes. Why do you also offer city tours?

A: Central Park is the best place for biking in Manhattan and most of our tours are there. Yet, there are people who like city sightseeing on a bicycle and our city tours are specifically tailored for them.

Q: Why don't you have the horse-and-carriage tour as an option?

A: With our bike and pedicab tours we cover the highlights the horses usually don't go to. We are also allowed to stop and take pictures. That makes our Central Park Tours flexible and photo-friendly.

Q: We are a big group and we are interested in the rickshaw tour. Can we stay together during the tour?

A: No matter how big the group is we always go together and never split up. You can also have your private time with the group during the stops that are included in the tour.

Q: One member of our group cannot ride a bicycle. What should we do?

A: If you have never ridden a bicycle before we don’t recommend trying to learn on the spot. After all, you are on vacation and the last thing you need is to spend your time taking lessons. We shall arrange for those of you who can’t ride a bike to take a pedicab. Thus the whole group will be able to go around the park together and you won’t be separated at any time during the tour.

Q: How many people can a single pedicab fit?

A: Two adults and one child.

Q: We have kids with us. Do you have smaller bikes?

A: Yes, we do. Make sure you point out how many kids there are in the group when you reserve the tour.

Q: What should we bring with us when we go to Central Park?

A: You should bring the receipt that you will receive when you book the tour. Don't forget your camera either.

Q: What's the distance we have to bike?

A: The Central Park Bike Tour is approximately 6 miles and the Brooklyn Bridge Bike Tour is about 7 miles long. Depending on how skilled you are we can adjust the speed and the number of places you want to visit.

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