Our company has recently launched a new application for Android and we want to share it with you. It can help you reserve a Central park tour through your phone and examine all the options you have available. We have noticed that a lot of our customers book their tours through phones and tablets so we hope that will be of use.You can get the app from Google Play. It is called "Central Park Tours Online" and you can download it for free. If you like the application or have been on our bike/pedicab tours give us a rating, we will really appreciate it. Central Park Tours Online Regards!Central Park Bikes Team 
Over the last ten years pedicab tours (also called rickshaw tours) have become one of the most popular ways to see and learn things about Central Park. Pedicabs are preferred for their versatility and comfort – you can take a guided tour in the park or down the city avenues and it will feel engaging without any physical efforts on your part. So if you are a person who likes to just lean back and enjoy the finer things in life, you will love the Central Park pedicab tour. It also includes stops at the best panoramic sites where you will have the opportunity to take amazing photos.     Our most tempting offer is the exclusive Manhattan tour. It is designed as a fully integrated service that covers NYC’s top locations from Central Park to the Empire State Building and Wall Street. Your tour guide will pick you up…
If you like cycling, taking a Central Park bike tour is your best option. The advantages of bike tours lie in their flexibility. This means that you will be able to get to places that are unreachable by other means of transportation and also have more time for taking photos. Many of the park pathways are prohibited for pedicabs, while on a bike you will feel no constraints at all. In general, bikes are faster than pedicabs but that does not mean that your tour will be brief – a guided bike tour will grant you the opportunity to explore all of Central Park’s highlights and make more stops for taking pictures. For those of you who feel experienced enough we also recommend the Brooklyn Bridge Tour. This is an entirely different experience as you will plunge into New York’s urban environment and taste its busy streets. Our NYC bike…
Taking a guided bike or pedicab tour in Central Park has become the most popular way to see the numerous highlights that are situated there. Central Park is a really big place abundant with monuments, entertainment facilities, architectural landmarks, and scenic landscapes, which makes it nearly impossible to fully explore it on one’s own. It can be said that the park mirrors New York City’s multiplicity and is the center of its recreational activities just as Wall Street is its financial center. When you find yourself in an ocean of opportunities, relying on experienced tour guides is the best decision you can make. The real value of the guided Central Park Tours is the information and the special attention that you will receive. And when we say information we do not mean an overwhelming waterfall of numbers, dates, and strange names. We have created our tour as an immersive, interactive…
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