When you book a hotel, you mostly get a room, a bed and standard meals, yet it is a 5 star. However, it is all different at Trump International Hotel and Tower. They give you the entire City instead. To be exact, it is located in Central Park, Midtown West Side, 5th Avenue. Most travelers have heard that this hotel offers guests a lifetime's supply of shopping as well as nightlife-you can go as far as your limit will take you! The 52-story building was designed by world's renowned architects to give an experience like no other. It's the only 5 star building in New York City with 5 star hotels inside. Guests are treated to an out-of-the-world experience, richly endowed with taste, luxury and social amenities quite rare in many places. If you have never landed an opportunity to be here, you are not so lucky. We take you…
Do you want to go the speed of a Ferrari GT on a bike and in a comfortable position? Well, not quite literally, but you can actually learn to move it fast, comfortably and stronger. The pro-cyclist you saw in your neighborhood the previous evening didn't have those magical stance before. They had to learn to train smart when it comes to handling the pedals and steering, and even how to shift gears. Bottom line is this; no cycling skill is impossible to master. We've asked top racers, mechanics, coaches and other experts for useful insights on how to handle a two-wheeler. They had to say a number of things: Let's explore them below: Stay fresh Staying fresh in this case has nothing to do with bathing and relaxing in preparation for the next day's riding. Instead, we're talking of exploring new maps every other day. Human beings have a…
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is situated on the Museum Mile stretching alongside Central Park with the main building of the museum perched on the eastern edge of the park. One of the world's greatest art museums and second only to the Louvre in terms of the number of visitors, the museum is New York's most famous tourist attraction that sees over five million people walk through its entrances every year! The museum features over 2 million works of art that are spread over nearly 400 galleries in a ginormous and palatial building. This monumental building is actually a complex of 21 structures that one can rather easily get lost in! The entrance fee to the Metropolitan Museum of Art is based on a voluntary donation and you can explore this art haven for as little as you like or can afford; there is however a…
We are proud to annouce that Central Park Bikes New York Inc. represented by is being awarded by Tripadvisor with a Certificate of Excellence. This is a reward for our hard work and dedication to providing the best Central park tours in New York City. We would like to thank our team for the positive thinking and the energy that put in delivering one of the greatest New York experiences. We would also like to thank our most respected customers for spending their time and reviewing our services in our Tripadvisor's profile. We promise we'll keep up with the hard work and the idea of making you entertained and happy during your New York trip. We wish you all the best and hope to see your friends on our tours. - Central Park Bikes  
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