Sonntag, 14 April 2013 06:08

Central park tour review

-Very enjoyable. Very informative. Totally recommend it.

-We had a really relaxing and lovely time. Thank you very much.
Tour guide: Thanks a lot. Enjoy your stay in the museum.

Sonntag, 14 April 2013 06:08

Did you like the tour, guys?

Tour guide: Did you like the tour,guys?
- Yeah. It was very good.
- Really nice.
- Very informative. We saw a lot - Strawberry Fields. The ice skating rink, where 'Home alone' was filmed.
- Lots of information on different films.
- It's worth the money. Very good!
Tour guide: Thank you, guys. Enjoy your stay in New York.

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Author: Antoan Nurikyan